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Mudpoo fan club

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Mudpoo fan club.

We are still building the Mudpoo fan club area.

YOUR LETTERS AND EMAILS....thanks everyone, I always love hearing from your letter here???

Dear Captain Pete,

Thank you for coming to our school to do your  show with us on drama, story and music. I enjoyed all of them.
My favourite part of the show was when I got to play as a police officer in Waltzing Matilda to catch the three crooks that stole a sheep!!! I enjoyed acting in your plays.
Archith - Year 6  ( Epping  Public School)


Dear Captain Pete,

Thank you for coming to our school to do your show . It was fantastic that you could tell us about your own experiences in writing a book and teach us about the early settlement in Australia. We enjoyed your bush poetry and fun plays. Thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
From Samuel (School Captain of Epping Public School).


"Thanks for your email Samuel, everyone at Epping Public School made me feel really welcome!" best wishes Captain Pete


This is what Luke G from Year 2 at Epping Public School (Sydney) had to say
'On Thursday before the holidays we watched Captain Pete. We got to play instruments. We played the shaker. We got book marks and you could buy a book. You could go up on the stage and hold puppets. One of the puppets was an echidna, and one of the stories in the book is about a green tree snake that has diamonds.’ (April 2014)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Jemma G  from Year 1 at Epping Public School (Sydney) wrote:
Dear Captain Pete,
Thank you for the show, I liked it. I like the book that you wrote, we really enjoyed it.
(April 2014)                                                                                                
Dear Pete,
Great to hear your tour in Sydney was a success. Thanks so much for all the nice comments and for publishing photos at the show.
It was a wonderful opportunity for us to have you at our school and thank you so much for making it all the way from Bethanga to put up a great show. 
The kids and the parents equally enjoyed your unique interactive performances and thank you once again for making it so interesting and educational at the same time.
Wishing you all the best on your 4th Mudpoo Adventure book.
Dishni & Elissa
P &C Fundraising Coordinators     Epping Public School.


Hi Captain Pete,
I love listening to your wonderful CD.  My favourite song is 500 years from now. However, all the songs, poems and stories are great.  
Raphaella (aged 10) April 2014                                                                            

Hi Pete,

What a great performance!  The kids loved your songs and stories and had lots of fun taking part in the skits.  It was pure delight to see the smiles and hear the laughter as they sang and danced their way through the show.  Along the way they also learned some Australian history, some information about native animals as well as raising an awareness about some very important social issues.  Your performance ticks so many boxes!  Thanks for the wonderful show.
Best wishes,
Co-ordinator Sydney Home Education Network (April 2014)                                             

Hi, Captain Pete! We're loving the songs! Beaconsfield miners is
Fidel's Favourite song! The first time he heard it, he cried. It has been his favourite song since. I like the books and songs and everything. We look forward to your new book! Hope you're all well, Love from Grover & Fidel


Dear Captain Pete, I would like to thankyou for coming to our school from a long, long way away. I really enjoyed the activities that we did with the class. My favourite activity was when we were acting in performances with the class.I really appreciate you coming. I had a great time with you and the class. Thank you. Yours Sincerely H.S from Greenvale Primary School


Dear Captain Pete, Thankyou for coming to our school. The part I enjoyed most when I was a Swaggy for Waltzing Matilda with my friends Nick and Tayla as well as all your activities. I can not wait for your next book to come out and your singing was the best.

regards Emma H from Greenvale Primary School Vic


Dear Captain Pete (January 2013)

We bought a little house at Iluka eleven years ago and we spend time there as often as we can. We love it! As well our little grandkids,Lily(7), Charlie(6) and Josie (5) spend time with us and have a ball.

Our neighbour, Val Hanslow, bought 'Mudpoo and the Magic Tree Stump' for the kids and during their 2 weeks here I read a few pages to them each day after their surf. I couldn't believe the animated questions andcomments that came from these 3 young kids. It was incredible! They have been on the rainforest walk and were trying to work out where the stump was and how they were going to find it on their next walk.

Its a wonderful book-and very educational.

You should have seen them discussing the map of Iluka. Great excitement. Lots of questions too. I have a photo of the 3 kids listening to the story which I would love to send to you if you are interested.

We'll be buying the other Mudpoo adventures. it will be a great way of exploring places in Australia as well as the history. Thank you, Donna

When this page is finished you will be able to to enter competitions, play games and receive updates from Captain Pete and Mudpoo about their adventures.

Until then, enjoy playing these games. 1. Mudpoo jigsaw puzzle. The fastest an adult has done it is 4 minutes and 10 seconds! If you can do it faster let us know! Just click and drag on the pieces to move them around. 2. Sticky Monsters, 3. Animal Piano and 4. Flash Man (just like the original Pacman!).


Sticky Monsters
Animal Piano
Flash man

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