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The Mudpoo books

Written by Peter Klein and beautifully illustrated by Leon de Montignie, the Mudpoo books are suitable for children of all ages! 

But who is learning the most? Based around real-life adventures, people and locations, these books will delight both young and old.

Many parents, teachers and young readers have commented that children enjoy the stories, and the way they are interwoven with the illustrations. In the first book 'The true Adventures of Mudpoo' each of the book's chapters illustrates a small adventure that interconnects with the entire book. The book encourages children to read and can be used in conjunction with the CD 'On the road with Captain Pete' which contains an enthusiastic and fun audio of the book (and more). 

The fun and simplicity of the stories communicate those everyday things in life, with a sense of Adventure. Children often relate to Mudpoo, Harry (the dog), Gus (the talking Kombi van) and Captain Pete with their own holidays and adventures, encouraging them to write or tell their own stories. The aim of the first book is to provide 'the reader' with a spark of imagination and creativity giving an increased awareness of the everyday adventures in the world around us!

The Mudpoo books from 2, 3 and 4 highlight environmental issues in real locations in Australia, often with global implications, told in entertaining ways where clever environmentally aware children and animals try to overcome the greedy and unscrupulous adults who show scant regard for the environment. They are books that make a difference where the reader can be empowered to find and act on ‘real’ solutions. Our 4th book 'Mudpoo and the Secret of the Rainforest’, is due for launch in April 2020. It contains Leon’s final most incredible illustrations, ‘real’ science and ‘real’ solutions in an intriguing mystery where you can assist the Mudpoo characters to stop the destruction of the world’s rainforests.  If you, have an environmental concern in your area contact Captain Pete, you might find yourself in a Mudpoo story!

I hope you enjoy the books,

Captain Pete



The (true) Adventures of Mudpoo

Mudpoo is a happy curious five year old boy. With Harry his loyal dog, Gus the talking Kombi van and the likeable Captain Pete, they embark on a journey from Bethanga to Hervey Bay that leads them to many "true" exciting adventures. Captain Pete tries to pass on his infinite knowledge and wisdom to Mudpoo and Harry.

Check out some pages here.


Mudpoo and the Magic Tree Stump

All your favourite characters Mudpoo, Captain Pete, Harry, Liz and Gus continue on their adventures meeting exciting new characters in another (true) adventure in 'Mudpoo and the Magic Tree Stump'.  The story is based around the Iluka Nature Reserve World Heritage area where Mudpoo and the rainforest creatures are called to rescue their  whale friends from horrible pirates deep in the Antarctic Peninsula, will they be able to save them in time?  


Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery

Another exciting (true) Mudpoo adventure, as Mudpoo, Harry and their friends discover a secret and menacing mystery at Bethanga's old 'GOLD' mine. Meanwhile, Captain Pete (with help from Gus the Kombi van) is trying to invent an environmentally friendly solution to stop european rabbits from taking over their entire farm! CAN YOU HELP THEM FIND A SOLUTION? This is the story for everyone who wants to make a difference!


Mudpoo and the Secret of the Rainforest

A discovery of a mysterious long forgotten treasure chest leads our intrepid Mudpoo characters from Bethanga to the Melbourne Zoo and to an intriguing mystery in the wilds of a Sumatran rainforest. They meet Ember an amazing girl with magical skills and her friends Catbird, Storm's stork, orangutans and an army of powerful eagles. This story combines real science, burping and farting cows, greedy and evil adults, and even a real Prime Minister. But it's you the reader who holds the key to find the solution to unveil the 'Secret of the Rainforest'!



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