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What's Captain Pete up to now?

Hi everyone, Captain is on the road again in 2023. I'll be updating this website soon. So much has happened I can't wait to tell you all about it...stay tuned!

Hi Mudpoo fans, Gus, Mudpoo, Harry, Captain Pete and all the gang wish you a safe and happy Easter 2021.

Captain Pete is on his little farm in Bethanga and working on some new songs for his next CD. You can catch him performing at Corryong's 'The 2021 Man from Snowy River Festival' at the entertainment marque (colts and fillies) on Friday the 9th of April 3-4pm and Saturday 10th of April 3.30-4.30pm.

 If you want some fun books to read for the school hols you can purchase his Mudpoo books or the CD on this website or go to Face book Mudoo/1.  Take care and stay safe everyone!

'Mudpoo and the Secret of the Rainforest' was launched at MAMA art gallery Albury on the 18th of March. 

Love to see you there. You can go to MUDPOO shop on this website and order your copy now!

Feb 1st 2020: Great News everyone, our 4th adventure book 'Mudpoo and the Secret of the Rainforest' is now at printing stage! You can order your pre-book launch copies now! All pre-launch orders will receive a signed and numbered copy and a small limited edition poster.

GO TO MUDPOO SHOP to pre-order your copies now.


I'll be providing more info soon on this website and on

Meet Captain Pete in 2020 (due to covid 19 all events cancelled until further notice)

You can meet Captain Pete at: Border Community Market Junction Square Wodonga Sunday 2nd Feb 8-12pm, March 1st, April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th 9-1pm.

2020 Yackandandah Folk Festival Market:  Sunday 22nd March 9-3pm

2020 Man from Snowy River Festival: Friday 3rd April 2-3pm, Saturday 4th of April 3-4pm for an interactive Kids Show (5-9yo) at the Entertainment Marquee.


 Nov 2019: Captain Pete would like to invite you to visit the ARC gallery in the beautiful township of Yinnar (Gippsland) to see some of Leon de Montignie's (our fabulous Mudpoo illustrator) beautiful art work on display alongside some amazing works by his friends Pip, Marie and Cinda. It's on from 2nd Nov until early Dec 2019. The Gallery is open between 12 and 4pm Tues to Friday and 11-3pm Sat and Sundays. It's a wonderful opportunity to see one of the most inspiring art exhibitions you'll ever see.

One more thing. Our new book 'Mudpoo and the Secret of the Rainforest' is now in the graphic design stage. It includes 20 of Leon's last and best illustrations. Stay tuned. If you are interested in getting one of the 250 pre-release copies send me a message with your contact details and I will let you know how you can do this!

Captain Pete will be performing at the Special Needs Christmas Concert from 10am-1pm at the Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre on the 30th of November 2019. It will be a huge concert with Stevie Bowen as the MC and lots of other entertainment provided.



  • Yackandandah folk festival weekend (22nd-24th March) at the sensational Sunday market 24th March in the Main Street between 9 and 3pm. Come and say 'G'day' and chat to Captain Pete.
  • Beechworth Golden Horseshoe festival - Captain Pete Buskers stall (with the incredible Rowan) on Saturday the 20th of April 11-1pm in the market area (near entrance). Come along and perform your favourite song!
  • Mt.Beauty Music Festival, come and see Captain Pete perform in the kids area on Saturday the 27th of April. Two shows; morning and afternoon. ALSO...Captain Pete and the incredible Rowan will perform and invite you to perform at their 'Buskers' stage in the Main Street. Lookout for them and come along and perform your favourite song. Captain is looking forward to meeting you there!
  • Captain Pete performed at the 'Dust of the Drought' community event in Omeo (2nd March) to support Omeo Health Services to support the local community. Also performing there was Stevie Bowen, Danny Phegan and Longreach, Iain Archibold band, Chris Humphrey Wild action show, Trent Bell duo and the amazing comedian Jimoen. What a fabulous concert. Many thanks to Brett Shannon (Longreach band) and Elyshia from Omeo Community Health for their fantastic support and entertainment.

Hi Mudpoo fans...wonderful news 'Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery'performed by Talgarno and Bethanga Primary schools has won the 2019 Towong Shire 'Berringa' Australia Day community event of the year! Well done to all the kids/parents/friends/teachers and parent helpers from both schools, you are AWESOME!

On a wild and woolly Thursday 13th of Dec 2018 the Bethanga and Talgarno Primary School kids performed MUDPOO and the FUNGUS MYSTERY to over 200 people (combined) in two packed shows. They were awesome. Scroll down and check out the pics in the gallery! 

Mudpoo fans and everyone don't miss 'Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery - the musical' performed by Talgarno and Bethanga P.S combined schools production on Thursday 13th of December at the Bethanga Soldiers Memorial Hall. Matinee at 12 noon and evening performance at 7pm. Tickets are $5 each/$15 per family. Families are invited to join everyone for a BBQ dinner from 5.30pm. BBQ, icy poles,drinks and raffle tickets will be for sale. Other items for sale on the night: programs $1, red carpet photos $5, DVD $10 (delivered to school after printing). Pssst go to the Matinee if you can & you'll get a good seat, get in early for the evening show! See yah there...Captain Pete

Psst... 'Fungus McPhee' and  other real characters will be there!

5th August 2018

Captain Pete and Mudpoo announce a very special event!

We are very excited to announce the details of Leon deMontignie's art exhibition at MAMA's gallery in Dean Street Albury. This will run from 23 August to 7 October and be the first time his paintings and illustrations will be displayed in one exhibition. Leon is the artist who created the illustrations on this website and in all the Mudpoo books. Click on the link below to see all the details:

Exhibition official opening 5.30 - 6.30 Thursday 23rd of August. 


Special walk through at MAMA's with Leon's friends Pip, Marie and Captain Pete will be held on Thursday 13th of Sept from 5.30 - 6.30

As part of the 'Write Around the Murray Festival' Captain Pete will present a special concert for children (and everyone) based around the book 'Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery'in the gallery amongst Leon's pictures. We hope to see you there. Sat 8th Sept 12.30 - 1.30pm click on the link below for more details!

...5th July 2018

To all Mudpoo fans...very exciting news! Leon de Montignie the amazing Mudpoo illustrator will have an exhibition of his paintings and Mudpoo illustrations at MAMA (Murray Art Museum Albury) in Dean Street Albury very soon. His exhibition will open in late August 2018... more details to come soon. It also includes an interactive performance of 'Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery' by Captain Pete...and he'll need you there to help!

This is an opportunity to discover some of the incredible art work created by Leon de Montignie. It includes some of Leon's yet to be published  illustrations for 'Mudpoo and the Secret of the Rainforest'!   

For dates and details stay tuned to this website...

November 24th 2017

The latest about my new book...'Mudpoo and the Secret of the Rainforest' 

I've written the story and Leon completed the illustrations before he passed away; and in his memory the book is now in the process of getting ready. I'm hoping to self publish by Mid 2019.

You can help Captain Pete...

'The story is based in Bethanga where a mysterious old rusty treasure chest is found on Captain Pete's farm. It contains clues which leads our heroes to the Melbourne Zoo and the Sumatran rain forest. Can Mudpoo, Gus, Harry, Captain Pete and several new characters stop the crazy misguided pirates Snot, Grot, Bones and Pong from bulldozing down a beautiful pristine rain forest in Sumatra to plant an oil palm plantation???

Just who is their dastardly evil leader 'Sneaky' and why is he so determined to destroy the rain forest! there anything you can you do to stop them? 


Stay tuned because you can help to stop the rain forest destruction. More information will be revealed before Christmas....

Yours in mysterious Mudpoo Adventures

Captain Pete 


Captain Pete Library Tour: Wodonga, Mt Beauty, Bright and Myrtleford 1st week of September school holidays.
Captain Pete visited four libraries with assistance from the happy hard working Isabella. We performed to a packed library in Wodonga and a created lovely little show at Mt Beauty; and then we went to beautiful Bright where we entertained the locals and the tourists. We had a terrific welcome at Mrytleford. A great time was had by all. Captain Pete sang songs from the Fungus Mystery musical and more... he had everyone singing along. Thanks to everyone who came along and thank you to the Alpine library staff for helping everyone to have such a great time.

The world premiere of 'Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery' the primary school production was launched successfully on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th of September 2017 and played 2 evening shows and 1 rehearsal matinee.

The 160 students from 'St.Francis of Assisi Primary School, Baranduda, Victoria, Australia were sensational. On both nights there were over 260 audience members in a packed to venue. Students had made this play their own!.The props and backdrops and costumes made by the students, staff and parents were sensational. Many thanks to everyone who gave their time to make this a wonderful crazy and real success. The smiles and joy 'Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery gave to the audience and everyone made it all so memorable. Thanks to the Kombi crew who created such a buzz outside the hall. The students sang, acted, drummed, danced and even out-pirated each other to the generous applause of the audience. For me (Captain Pete) it was extra special as it was the first time a 'Mudpoo' story became 'alive!' A special thanks to all the students cast and crew at St.Francis and their teachers and ES staff... and to our guest musician the amazing Mr. Rowan Brown; Sound and Lighting crew Jack and Liz Jensen; and to Ron and Will (who issued the challenge) who popped in to assist with rehearsals. Wow...what a show!

July 2017

'Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery' is now a primary school production. Meet all your favourite characters; Mudpoo, Harry, Liz, Gus, Captain Pete, Sammy Silver-gull, Hooty, Bones, Snot, Grot and Pong as they join a cast of 120 students from St. Francis of Assisi primary school in Baranduda Victoria as they sing, act, dance and drum to bring 'Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery' to life! Can Mudpoo, Harry, Captain Pete and their friends discover 'Fungus McPhee's' dastardly secret horrible plans and stop him before it's too late? 

World Premiere performance at St. Francis of Assisi 'Gathering Place' at 6pm on Tuesday 12th of September and Wednesday 13th of September 2017.


Proudly supported by students, family and friends of St. Francis school community. Tickets to go on sale soon (more information to follow). 2nd release tickets for the general public to go on sale around the 1st of September.


I hope to see you all there!

best wishes 

Captain Pete

April 2016 - Farewell to Leon deMontignie

 My wonderful friend and extraordinary illustrator Leon deMontignie died suddenly (13.4.16) after a short illness. He will always be remembered for his beautiful and amazing ink pen illustrations and his ability to bring the Mudpoo characters to life. He has drawn all of the pictures you see on this website and illustrated all the wonderful pictures in the Mudpoo books.

I'm sure you'll agree that we all considered him to be the best illustrator ever! He also painted amazingly detailed oil paintings that are amongst best you'll ever see.  Book four 'Mudpoo and the Secret of the Rainforest' ("shhh that's a secret") is looking really amazing. It will now be completed in Leon's honour! The new pictures are the best Mudpoo illustrations  Leon has ever completed, all of the Mudpoo fans will be able to share his amazing drawings (including some new characters) when the new book is printed. Our goal is to complete the book in early 2018.  I know all of you loved his work and everyone including Mudpoo, Harry, Gus and Captain Pete loved him and appreciated the empathy and joy he had working with us all. We send our best to Leon's family and we know his memory will live on forever in the beautiful art-work and memories he left behind.

Captain Pete

March 2016

Captain Pete appeared at the ripper Myrtleford Festival and performed for some kids and adults at their beautiful Cotter's Market. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the songs and stories! Captain Pete also set up a stall at the magnificent Yackandandah folk festival. A cheery 'Hello' to all at Yack, see you there again next year! 

January 2016

Wow, you can now catch Captain Pete books and the CD in lots of stores around Albury/Wodonga.

You can go to:

'Dymocks Books' in Centre-point Albury

'Chalk and Chat' in Albury

'Who, What, Why' in Dean Street Albury

'Beechworth Books' in Ford Str Beechworth

'Reign of Pearls' Tea Room in Myrtleford

'Ausmentos' 15 High Str Yackandandah

'Gigs Gallery' Lincoln Causeway Albury-Wodonga

or you can purchase books from Captain Pete on this website!


December 2015

Did you catch Captain Pete at Dymocks book shop in Albury? Happy Christmas and wishing you all a fantastic New Year in 2016. Captain Pete, Harry, Gus and Mudpoo

November 2015

Wow what a busy month Captain Pete is working hard with Leon to create the new Mudpoo book. All of the illustrations are almost ready and  Captain Pete is investigating a few more clues to try to solve the mystery before he can finish the book. One of the clues has lead him to the Melbourne Zoo and the Zoo might appear in the story…more on this later.

Did you catch Captain Pete at the Albury Twilight Markets. If you did (or even if you didn't) send him a message and say hello.

September 2015 

Captain Pete visited the Culcairn Memorial Hall/Library and worked together with students from Culcairn Public and St Josephs schools with all students from K-6. They shared stories from all the Mudpoo books and acted out roles to recreate the stories. Well done Culcairn schools I loved your welcome and would love to return again one day!

August 2015

Captain Pete had a fantastic time visiting Henty Public School and St Paul's Lutheran School as well as the Holbrook schools at the wonderful Holbrook library. All of the students were amazing sharing the Mudpoo adventure stories by singing and acting out their roles. Thank you to everyone who made me feel welcome. I'd love to come back again some time in the future.


April 2015

Captain Pete has been busy with his market stall and meeting all the Mudpoo fans at Albury Market, Yackandandah Folk Festival and at  the Myrtleford Festival. It was great chatting to all the Mudpoo fans and I was able to explain the creation of the books! Leon and I are busy writing and drawing the story board for the next 'true' Mudpoo adventure. I'm hoping the adventure is ready this year to be published in 2016.

Send me an email and say hello…hope to hear from you soon,

Happy Adventuring 

Captain Pete



April 2014 - Captain Pete in Sydney - (to see new pictures, scroll down)

Captain Pete has just completed an amazing tour of Sydney! A big hello to everyone who came to my 'Captain Pete'  shows you were a magnificent audience. To all the kids and mums and dads (and grand-folks) from SHEN (Sydney Home Education network), to the kids at Epping public school, to the friendly people at Mosman library and the amazing crew including Margaret and Roger at Bookoccino at Avalon Beach... a big hearty hello and thank you!


Wow if you're in Sydney and want to visit an amazing book shop take the family to the Bookoccino, have a coffee and relax. Avalon Beach is a great spot for a day trip. You can call them on 03 9973 1244 or to check out their special guest performers. Tell them Captain Pete sent you.


To my road crew Narelle, Isabella and Martin, thank you, for getting me to the venues. I'd be lost without you! Also a special big thanks to Meldi and JoJo books for their ongoing support, and Velly from (SHEN) and Dishni from Epping Public School. It's great to see that our Mudpoo books are so well loved in Sydney. Tell all your friends about Mudpoo.

I'll be posting lots of pictures in the weeks to come. You might appear on my website, stay tuned!

More news

Leon and Captain Pete are now working hard on their fourth Mudpoo book...stay tuned 



The 3rd exciting book in the Mudpoo Adventure series;  'MUDPOO and the FUNGUS MYSTERY', had its WORLD PREMIERE book launch at the family friendly BETHANGA HOTEL  in FEBRUARY 2013. It was attended by Jo and Barry from JoJo books and over 100 people from the area, thanks everyone for supporting the new Mudpoo book!

Captain Pete's first book is called 'The true Adventures of Mudpoo' and his second book is called 'Mudpoo and the Magic Tree Stump'. His third book is Mudpoo and the Fungus Mystery.

They are all available in all good book stores or can be ordered from this website! 

Captain Pete also has a very popular CD called 'On the Road with Captain Pete' which contains the audio for 'The (true) Adventures of Mudpoo', original songs and bush poetry. You can purchase the Cd at Electra Cafe Albury, Dymocks books Albury and from this website shop.

Keep an eye out for Captain Pete at Dymocks books in Dean Street Albury. He'll be travelling to many other book shops to meet you and sign your books! Watch this website for dates and venues...

Special News About the Captain Pete

Captain Pete had an interview with the ABC's Macca from Australia All Over at the ABC's Wodonga studio (between 9 and 10am) on Sunday 18th of Nov. We had a great chat and Macca even played my song '500 years' from the 'On the road with Captain Pete' CD. It was great meeting Macca. Captain Pete and GUS are big fans of the ABC and Macca as they travel to various parts of Australia, you can click on the link below (see picture with Pete and Macca).

Thanks to all who enquired about my books and Cd.  If you have any questions just whiz me an email and I'll respond as soon as possible. I'd love to post your message on my website.

I've been really busy visiting lots of schools, libraries, book-shops and festivals performing my shows. I'll be updating this page regularly with some pictures and stories, so come back to check it out!

Click on the "past shows" button to see where Captain Pete has been performing. Click on the "upcoming shows" button to see where Captain Pete is going next and click on the "gallery" button to see some pictures from recent travels.

 Special Performances

Join award winning singer-songwriter and bush poet Captain Pete for his  interactive show of creative music and exciting Mudpoo stories. Cheer Captain Pete's amazing percussion band that uses only homemade instruments. Be careful; his troupe of musicians and actors might include you!

Ask your teacher or librarian to contact Captain Pete to see if can visit your library or school.



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