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"On the road with Captain Pete"

A 'CD' (audio sound track) called; "ON THE ROAD WITH CAPTAIN PETE", features over 80 minutes of Pete's original songs, traditional Australian bush poems and the sound track for "The (true) Adventures of Mudpoo".

Themes include: Bush Rangers; Early Pioneers; The Eureka Stockade; Banjo Paterson and other Australian bush poets; humpback whales, the Australian bush, caring for our environment, Mudpoo Adventures and more!

Designed to supplement Captain Pete's school presentation and the book, "The (true) Adventures of Mudpoo", the CD also provides over 80 minutes of entertainment for all the family.

Perfect for entertaining the kids on that next road trip!

Captain Pete would like to thank his friends Jack, Val, Brett, Avril, Liam, Rosie, Bill, Geogie and Tony who performed on the CD with Pete and Adam from 'Professional Audio Services' for the recording and production. All songs and stories are written by Captain Pete, except 'Land of Colors' which is written by Captain Pete and Outback Jack.


Below are some samples of tracks found on the CD. If you'd like to buy the CD please go to our Online Shop here.

track title sample
1 Introduction
2 500 Years From Now
3 Eureka Rebellion
4 McDougal (Thomas E Spencer)
5 Kosciuszko
6 Mulga Bill's Bicycle (Banjo Paterson)
7 Baby In The Shearing Shed
8 Morgan (Edward Harrington)
9 Beaconsfield Miners
10 Introduction To 'The (True) Adventures Of Mudpoo'
11 Mudpoo And The Roller Coaster
12 Mudpoo and the Bubblegum
13 Mudpoo And The Giant Wave
14 Mudpoo And The Missing Kombi
15 Mudpoo And The Green Tree Snake
16 Mudpoo And The Secret Garden
17 Mudpoo And The Turning Tide
18 Mudpoo and the Secret Rock
19 Mudpoo And The Whale Spotting Boat
20 Mudpoo And The Humpback Whales
21 Finale
22 Land Of Colors

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